Hourly Rates

Red Pepper Consulting, Inc.
Billing Rates
Red Pepper Consulting rates are as follows.
Rates will be charged according to the TASK PERFORMED.

Employment Category Rate
• Principal Engineer: $150/hr
• Project Manager: $135/hr
• Senior Engineer: $120/hr
• Engineer: $105/hr
• Designer: $90/hr
• Drafter: $75/hr
• Junior Drafter: $60/hr
• Interns / Bulk office labor: $45/hr

Representative tasks for each employment category follow

Employment Category Tasks
• Principal Engineer: Fee negotiations / Structural system selection / Disputes
• Project Manager: Meetings / Work progress reports / Scope negotiation
• Senior Engineer: Engineering Review / Document Review / Responsible charge
• Engineer: Engineering / Calculations / Field Investigation / Computer analysis
• Designer: BIM Drafting / Structural system layout / Simple engineering
• Drafter: BIM Drafting / Drafting Quality Control
• Junior Drafter: CAD Drafting / Repetitive Design Tasks / Submittal Transcription
• Interns / office labor: Semi-skilled office labor / Photocopies / Employees in training

An exhaustive task breakdown may be prepared for review if requested.
Labor will be tracked per tenth (0.10) hour.
Labor will be invoiced at stipulated rates for travel during regular business hours.
Labor will be invoices at eight (8) hours daily for overnight travel.